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Solidworks and RADAN CAD/CAM

We run two CAD stations running the latest versions of SolidWorks plus another station running the latest versions of RADAN. We have extensive experience in designing products ranging from brackets and front panels through to complex fabrications and sheet metal work, frame and pipe work, cabinets, enclosures and case work.

Whilst we are primarily orientated to the design and manufacture of sheet metal work and frame and pipe work we have a wide ranging knowledge across many fields and can help in areas such as EMC compliance, RoHS compliance and the design of plastic or machined components.

We can supply conceptual designs of products or solutions, engineering drawings, right through to full photorealistic representations which can be used for design validation or directly in marketing and advertising.

Whilst our CAD can be offered as a stand alone service, all our work stations are tied into our manufacturing database and linked into our CNC production machinery on the shop floor. Thus once a design is approved we can move quickly and accurately into production.

CAD is often considered an academic discipline conducted cleanly away from the actual manufacturing of the designs. At PEM Sheet metal we recognise that to achieve a successful product the designer must still have a ‘feel’ for the materials used and a close and detailed understanding of the production processes involved. All our designers at PEM are fully skilled engineers and are encouraged to regularly operate our production machinery, as skilled artisans, to maintain their vital ‘hands on’ knowledge.