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PEM Sheet metal Ltd offers a diverse range of services and capabilities ranging from basic sheet metal work, subcontract laser cutting, though to the design and manufacture of complex fabrications, case work and enclosures.

Our core capabilities centre on sheet metal work in materials such as mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel, laser cutting, as well as process and pipe work, and fabrications from extrusions, angle and box sections

We can assemble and test your products for mechanical, electrical, phenmatic or hydralic operation.


If required PEM Sheet metal can use our advanced 3D CAD systems to fully design your products for you. We have experience in all forms of light engineering such as castings or machined components. Additionally we can offer advice on electronics, wiring and EMC compliance.

Laser Cutting / Laser Profiling

Laser cutting and profiling is conducted as part of our normal production or as a subcontract service. We operate an advanced Trumpf 3050 5 Kw cell with 3m x 1.5 m sheet capacity. Capable of cutting many types of material ranging from the very thin up to 25mm thick, with extremely good edge quality

CNC Sheet Metal Punching

We run an Amada CNC Punch Press linked directly to our manufacturing database and CAD systems. We have in excess of £30,000 worth of tooling for this machine which provides us with a comprehensive capability in CNC punching.

CNC Sheet metal Forming

Precision bending is performed on 4 Amada CNC Press Brakes with capabilities to 2.5m nominally 6 mm thick sheet metal with 80 tons force. Once again we hold extensive tooling.

Precision Welding - Coded to BS 287 BS 288 & ASME 9

We have the latest welding technology and importantly the highly skilled staff to operate it. In house we currently have 22 TIG welding sets, 8 MIG Welding sets including ‘pulse on pulse’ technology and 5 Spot Welding machines with up to 3 mm to 3 mm aluminum capacity. Plus a Fanuc ArcMate Robotic System.

We can weld all common metals such as mild steel welding, aluminium welding and stainless steel welding. We can also weld Brass and exotics such as titanium, hastelloy and incoloy. We weld sheet metal, tube and pipe - including food industry work, as well as sections such as bar stock, angle and box

Robotic MIG welding service also available.


PEM Sheet metal has the capacity to roll sheet materials of up to 1.8m in length and up to 4 mm thick. We can do this to high accuracy’s, for instance we currently produce welded stainless steel cylinders to a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm (0.004 inch). We also have tube rolling capability to produce coils for heat exchangers for instance. We can roll tube and some sections up to about 25 mm. We regularly produce coils in copper and stainless steel.

Tube and Pipe Work / Process Engineering

We can produce precision tube assemblies, such as water cooling systems for power PCBs. These include all the required features such as formed or swaged joints, flares and restrictions. We also source all the couplings and fixtures and supply any machined components. We also produce complex pipe work for process engineering in the food, pharmaceutical, beverage and petro chemicals industries.

Pressure Testing

We can conduct basic pressure and flow tests using water, oil, air and nitrogen or inert gasses such as argon or helium.

Surface Finishing

Grinding and graining and the electro polishing of welds in stainless are conducted in house. Plating, painting, powder coating and silk screening are conducted by specialist, vendor approved subcontractors


PEM Sheet metal can conduct mechanical assembly using highly trained staff with a wealth of experience in different fields. We can also install basic electrical wiring such as earth bonding systems etc.


Inspection and associated quality assurance is a specific dedicated operation within PEM. Also our dedicated production software allows us to tailor our Q.A. to match customer specific procedures.


Delivery of sheet metal work, cases, enclosures, assemblies or delicate tube or pipe work can easly be the major cause of quality issues. PEM Sheet metal will use our own vehicles and drivers where ever possible to take good care of your product.